Benefits of SIPS Panel Construction:

•Fast Production with in factory quality control
•Quick and easy assembly on site
•Easy finishing of interior and exterior surfaces (in plant work possible)
•Green technology that doubles insulation values of stick built structures.
•High Wind Velocity Florida Product Approved
•Passed all Impact Test per Miami Dade Testing Standards

Energy Efficiency Factor can Provide a 30% - 70% Savings On Electrical Bills.


Strength and Durability:

•Very strong wind frame that is anchored to an engineered concrete foundation, the Panelized Construction System joins factory-built wall and roof panels with a breaking strength of approximately 7,000 pounds and 17,000 psi.
•Panelized System tested in South Florida withstanding winds up to 200 mph.

Green Building Standard :

•Designing a structure to meet Green Certification requires a close partnership between Project Owner/Design Professional and GSI’s Design Team.